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What are the 11 signs of climate change and how does climate change affect us

  What is Climate change the simple definition? The impacts of global climate change won't be evenly felt around the world. People living within the globe's regions will experience varying amounts as temperatures and sea levels rise. This map, created by Google Earth maps in partnership with NASA Global Imagery & Mapping Agency shows a number (in blue) that are projected to see more intense heat waves through 2035 due largely because warmer oceans make water-rich storms worse at getting over land. Many other areas too may get hotter owing to their increased concentrations from greenhouse gas emissions. Why is climate change important an overview The planet's climate has constantly been changing over time, and the same pattern holds true for its mass. This allows scientists to track recent changes in Earth′s surface temperatures by observing how much of an area is covered by ice or snow at any one given time. On March 15th, NASA announced a record-breaking temp

Billion tree tsunami-10 billion tree plantation in Pakistan for the sake of Pakistan.

Billion tree tsunami-10 billion tree plantation in Pakistan for the sake of Pakistan. You might be surprised to hear that forest has been increasing in many parts of the world , but and it's a big reality that the world is also struggling to cope with the damaging effects that lowering forests have on our surroundings. So what is going on, scientific opinion is split on whether forest area worldwide has increased in recent decades? What is clear is that there are big differences between regions. This map shows where tree cover has gone up in green and where it's gone down in red between 1982 and 2016. You can see that there were big losses in tropical areas such as the Amazon and rain forests in Africa and the Southeast. Asia often caused by logging or deforestation to make space for agriculture and farming but many other regions that saw forest gains the most important were Europe China, therefore, the US, and far of this was thanks to acting like planting trees.


TIPS TO START CONTAINER GARDENING FOR A HEALTHY LIFE   Vegetable and fruit growing is a very healthy activity in   the home and garden. Kitchen container gardening is not only a healthy activity but we can enjoy   fresh fruits and vegetables from garden.   Here I am going to explain the basics of Kitchen Gardening and the different features   of vegetables and fruits, their sowing, growth, care, safety and harvesting season. Remember, when I started early working in my garden, I didn't understand any benefits   at that time. I said I would not be interested in gardening until I was 40 years old.   Now, though I am eight years away from this milestone, I have found my garden amazing. There are a lot of home kitchen garden types but here i am explaining the most best type.                               CONTAINER GARDENING. Read : How Does A Green House Work .   Container gardening is the kind of garden I personally l lik


HOW DOES A GREENHOUSE WORK The greenhouse , also known as the glass house, is a building designed to protect against tender or off-season plants against extreme cold or heat. In the past, greenhouses were modest bricks or wooden shelters with little source of light and some sources of heat. As glass became cheaper and more refined forms of heating became available, the greenhouse was transformed into a ceiling-and-walled structure made of minimal wood or metal skeletons. By the middle of the nineteenth century, the greenhouse had evolved from a mere shelter to a hostile environment, tailored to the needs of particular plants. The large-scale increase in the availability of exotic plants in the 19th century resulted in a large increase in the culture of glasshouses in England and elsewhere. Large greenhouses are important for agriculture and horticulture and botanical sciences, while small structures are commonly used by hobbyists, collectors and domestic gardeners

What is global warming and its causes

What is global warming and its causes What is global warming? Global warming means rise in temperature. Yes, it is a worrying situation that this temperature has risen to record levels in the last 50 years, and this increase is constantly happening. The last 16 years have been the hottest years in NASA's 134-year history.Those denying climate change have suggested that global warming has slowed down, but recent research has rejected that stand,and research has shown that global temperature will rise by 10 degrees over the next hundred years. Causes of global warming. When carbon dioxide CO2 gas and other pollutants are emitted from various pollutant sources, they continue to accumulate in the Earth's atmosphere and the ozone layer absorbs the sun's dangerous rays,seek damages. Greenhouse gases, together with them, raise the temperature of the earth, causing global warming. Global warming and extreme weather.